Free Nitrate testing Clinic

Once again the Douglas County Soil and Water Conservation District is hosting a Nitrate Clinic to determine what is in your water. Please bring in a water sample to the office any time between 8:30 am and 4 pm to have your water tested and annualized.

How to collect Samples: To take your sample, run your cold tap for five to ten minutes then collect about one cup of water in a plastic baggie (double bag) or clean jar. Keep the water cool until arrival. You can collect the water anytime within one day of the nitrate analysis (if you are going to the local office right after work, you can collect the sample in the morning and keep it cool all day until you arrive).

Sample analysis is a fast process, and you will have your results back in about 5 minutes.
You don't need to be a Douglas County Resident in order to have your nitrate Levels tested.


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